Thursday, April 3, 2014

Karl and Stefan

Todays writing prompt is to write a scene about the first time your father saw your mother. In this case, I decided to write about Tulie's father and mother, one of my characters from "visions of the past"

It was high summer and the gathering was coming to an end. This year only five tribes had gathered, and there had been a great celebration for all the boys, like Karl and Stefan, who had attained the status of manhood this summer. The celebrations were over now and the tribes were starting to return to their homes, but Terell of Riana had insisted that her tribe linger, in order to provide additional spiritual guidance and testing.

Karl and Stefan had been friends for as long as Karl could remember. As heirs of two of Kakaesian tribal leaders, they had often spent time in each other’s company at summer gatherings and Exchanges. Over the years they had formed a strong friendship based on common interests and goals.

Earlier that day, the Kakaesian Spiritual Leader had gathered the newly-marked men for testing and training, and Karl had soon become bored with the whole process. He was actually somewhat relieved when Terell had discovered no trace of the skills or abilities that she sought.

She had tested Karl and Stefan together, and Stefan had shown a certain ability to receive thoughts, though he couldn't mind-speak directly; no matter how hard he had tried to send his thoughts out to others no one heard him but himself.

Karl, on the other hand, had shown no trace of spiritual ability, his spirit didn't seem to extend beyond his own physical body and mind; he could neither mind-speak nor project his sight beyond that which his own eyes could see.

They left the tent that had been erected for the testing, Stefan prattling on about his excitement about the prospect of traveling to the Riana valley this winter for training.

It had been dark in the tent and Karl's eyes were still adjusting to the brightness of the day, when suddenly someone came bounding around the corner of the tent and ran right into him with such force that he lost his balance and fell to his knees.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, I wasn't paying any attention to where I was going. I'm so sorry. Here let me help you up."

Karl eyed the tall, gangly, dark haired girl as she put her hands around his arm and tried to hoist him up; but Karl was so mesmerized by her impish features that he just sat there, stunned and immovable.

"Madra? Where did you come from?" Stefan asked, his expression as perplexed as Karl imagined his own to be. "And why haven't we seen you at all during the gathering?"

"Oh, I just arrived. Mother wanted me to spend some time at Elbrus; but now that she's almost ready to go home, she wanted me to join her here so I could travel with her when she leaves."

Could this really be Terell's daughter? Karl wondered. "The last time I saw you, you were just a little girl throwing rocks at me for calling you names."

Laughter lit her golden eyes. "And now here I am, knocking you down into the dirt. What an ill-mannered child you must think me!"


Terell's voice emerged from behind them, and before Karl could think of a reply to her last statement, the girl had dropped his arm and rushed forward to greet her mother with a warm embrace.

“You made excellent timing getting here,” Terell said, with a note of pride in her voice, turning the girl towards the tent. “I’m glad, as there is much to do. We still have a few more boys to test and you can help with that, and then I’ll want you to help with the packing for our return.”

“Oh, Mother, I just got here. Can’t I at least rest for a while?” the girl complained, but went willingly enough with the older woman, turning back to Karl and Stefan with a quick grin and a wave.

Stefen let out a low whistle of appreciation as she disappeared into the tent with her mother. “Maybe she’ll get to help with my training this winter,” he said.

A sense of jealousy flickered towards his friend, and Karl found himself wishing he hadn’t yet been tested, for he had felt a definite spark within his spirit when this girl had locked her golden eyes on his, and it was like nothing he had ever felt before.