Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A ray of light

Write about a time you were surrounded by leaves.

The forest floor was wet with dew, little droplets falling silently off the ferns and other plants to land among the mulch, where small puddles had formed at the base of the large sycamore trees. The sun was just rising, though it was yet dark and quiet among the trees of the forest. The cicadas and crickets had long since stilled their night song, and the nocturnal creatures had ceased their prowling and returned to the hidden places where they slept.

As the sun slowly ascended, birds awoke and began to fill the forest with chittering and chirping, flittering from tree to tree and perching high above the forest floor, where the leaves were beginning to illuminate with phosphorescent transparency. The green luminescence of the leaves stood out in stark contrast to the dark shade of the limbs and trunks and ground cover below the leaves, and glowed with a radiance that seemed to shine like magic.

As the sun continued to rise, streams of light filtered in between the trees to land in bright swaths of sunlight that battled the darkness of night and bathed the forest floor in glory, highlighting the birds and the squirrels that danced among the light, and reflected within the dew drops like the sparkling of diamonds.