Thursday, March 20, 2014

Wake up!

Write from the point of view of a dog in an apartment.

Oh dog, I have to pee again! When is she going to wake up? Maybe if I poke my nose in her face, she’ll be happy to see me and she’ll scratch my ear. My ear itches soooo bad! When is she going to wake up? I’m hungry, I wonder if there’s any food left in my dish? There is! Oh yay, mmm, num num. Oh dog, I still have to pee! I should go see if she is awake yet. Wake up, wake up! Can’t you feel my nose pressing against your hand? Maybe I should lick your face. No don’t swat me away, wake up! Wake up! Oh! Hello! Your eyes are open now, you’re awake. Dog, I hate it when I smack my tail against the table, but I just can’t help it, I’m so happy you’re awake! Won’t you scratch my ear? Oh yes, just there! Oh yes, I love you, I love you! Oh dog, I have to pee!