Friday, March 14, 2014

Hide and go seek

The prompt today is to write a scene that involves an annoying relative

"Oh, no" Amanda muttered under her breath as her little brother entered the living room where Amanda was lying on the couch, watching cartoons.

"Do you want to play cards with me?" Bobby asked, "we could play go fish or war?"

"No, Bobby, not now. I just got home from school and I just want to be alone."

Bobby was only three and had not yet started school. He spent all day at home alone with Mrs. Thompson, and by the time Amanda got home from kindergarten, Bobby was bored and looking forward to playing with Amanda.

They went through this every day. Amanda loved her brother, but when she first got home from school she liked to have some time to herself.

Bobby flung himself on the ground in front of the TV, but he quickly lost interest in the cartoon and turned around and was looking at her. "We could have a staring contest," Bobby suggested, his big brown eyes opened wide and gazing intently into hers.

"No, Bobby! I just want to watch TV!" The Animaniacs were on and she loved their funny antics, and she didn't want to be bothered with her little brother. But Bobby continued staring at her, and it was hard to ignore him as his face scrunched up from trying not to blink. "Stop staring at me!" she demanded, hoping he would just go away.

"Stop staring at me!" Bobby mimicked in a sing song voice, still staring at her, though she noticed he had blinked several times already.

"We could play hide and go seek!" Bobby suggested, and Amanda thought that was a great idea!

"Okay, Bobby! You go hide and I'll come find you," Amanda smiled benignly at the naive little boy, shooing him out of the living room and slowly starting to count.