Monday, March 24, 2014

Max, the intrepid hunter

Write from the point of view of a cat at night.

I am Max, the intrepid hunter; fearless and brave. I hunt for my food when it gets dark, prowling in the light of the moon. My eyes are keen and sharp, my senses alert to the slightest of movement. I remember seeing evidence of mice over here by the well shed, I will lay in wait until they think it is safe to venture out and then I will pounce! They will never know what took them, for I am Max, the intrepid hunter, fearless and brave! Oh my, what was that? What is that sound? Is that a raccoon? It’s loud and I think it is coming closer. Run, Max, run for the deck, find a hiding place, where, where? Yes, here, they’ll never find me under the BBQ, with the thick, dark cover. I will be safe here, until the raccoon is gone, and then I will go out again. For I am Max, the intrepid hunter! Fearless and brave.